Y’all Communciate. Heck let’s all stop and communicate.

Today I had a call from a potential boss in a large market about a potential hire and I was a reference on this person. As the call unfolded I realized she was stressed, miserable in her job and pretty clueless that life out here exists. She was on the “fast track” – bless her heart. I liked her very much. If she weren’t thigh deep working for THE MAN I could have seen us as friends. I wanted to help her crawl out of her tunnel and give a good reference for this brilliant young person that deserved the gig! I found myself ministering to her in a way she lapped up like a starving kitten with a bowl of milk.  She was transparent, accountable and way better than she knows. I could have encouraged this woman all day. Alas I had to get back to work. I know she was impacted and glory be: so was I! I do a lot of giving, getting something back sure is rich.

She mentioned the employee (who was on a trial run to that point) was stubborn, so very stubborn she was concerned about committing. Out of the blue, I realized if she was hiring this person for her communications department then maybe the ball was dropping in her court. I boldly asked her if she was doing herself and the writer the favor of hydrating, eating a high protein lunch and pouring out all elements of projects on the front end instead of making it a blind-find to accomplish and create what was needed. A light went off. She realized it was communication so very lacking that she made a fight to hold ground seem necessary. Moving forward, she could now breathe, think, consciously track nuances of her knowledge of project to pass to the person compiling & organizing them on behalf of her company. They call that communication. So many of us just don’t do it.

The kid got the gig and that was great. They will both learn a lot and I encouraged the newly employed to watch after the boss, to bring her lunch if she is too busy to eat. A boss with snacks has to be a good thing. I even encouraged watering  whenever possible. It’s a brutal world and we have to do what it takes to take care of each other.  That care includes bosses, who are in fact, human too, I hear tell. I have not had one in decades, but if I did, I would chat them up to make sure we were on the same page, ask “is that all there is to this?’ and I would feed them.


One Comment on “Y’all Communciate. Heck let’s all stop and communicate.”

  1. DeDe Wilbanks says:

    I am so glad you have a blog! I have often thought that so many wise things come out of your mouth so fast that I don’t feel I can catch them all 🙂 Print would be better for my slow to catch mommy brain. Praying you are all well, and hope we can hug your neck soon.

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