“I need to find a guy w…

“I need to find a guy who messes up my lipstick, not my mascara.”

I am back. After a long undesired break. In that I let other things override my wish to share observations and pass on anything that may be of interest and helpful to y’all. Plus the purge of my mind, that’s why I write. It’s my passion.

I saw this quote on Merrell Waring’s FB wall, she posted from her dear wise friend:

 “I need to find a guy who messes up my lipstick, not my mascara.”

This is so true, but it’s good to remember for more than just men. It’s all about those we let in. Isn’t the potential for ruined mascara the ultimate self-check we are making a bad choice about people we spend our time with? Last night my gorgeous, brilliant niece turned 13 and we were all celebrating at a new restaurant. She had a drama bubble/melt down right at the table and it was because of a text from her little runt of a boyfriend from school. I don’t believe in middle school romance, but she’s not my child.  The boyfriend is about 4 ft high and not near worthy of my exquisite, willowy, sensitive and witty niece.  My sister (her mom) and I tried to tell her to set a precedent now, and to never allow any boy or anyone for that matter ruin your special days. We went through our tragic lists all the ruined holidays and birthdays starting with childhood through the past several decades, all because we chose mascara instead of lipstick or perhaps a sassy gloss.

We all define how special our days actually end up being. We must be the guards at our own gates. So remember if “they” have the potential to cause mascara to end up running down your face, it’s not a fit. Unless it’s tears of joy and gratitude because you are so adored. I hear that happens, it’s in the movies too. We have to vigilantly ponder these things often and prevent them from becoming strongholds too deeply rooted to overthrow. Plucking is so much easier than digging. Remember that.

There have been way too many failed mascara days in my life. Now I say with all my heart: lipstick not mascara please!

Say no to running eye make-up & choose kisses instead. LIPSTICK is the better choice. Smack some on and run towards the love. Air kisses, double cheek kisses, Eskimo kisses, kisses of affection, baby kisses, butterfly kisses (eyelashes on cheeks) kisses of validation, anything but those black smears down your cheeks, the ultimate sign something is way off track. Fix your face. Fix your life. XO


One Comment on ““I need to find a guy w…”

  1. OK where have u been all my life . Seems like we’ve been on parallel coarse s in our lives n experiences
    Love All

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